Climb Carstensz Pyramid with us!

(Puncak Jaya) 4884 m (16023 ft)

Localization: West Papua, now named Papua province Indonesia (until Year 2005 named Irian Jaya), island New Guinea, second biggest island in the world.

Photo from climbing Carstensz Pyramid

Climbers morning on Carstensz Pyramid Whal Photo©JahodaPe­

Do you think you know anyone, who knows Carstensz better than us?

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West Papua – Irian Jaya and Papua New Guinea – guided by Petr Jahoda – a climber, photographer, publicist, journalist, and president of Czech Travellers´ Club.

Papua was his most exciting experience – and he has spent more than four years of his life in Papua.

More than 15 years of expeditions and experiences on New Guinea.

Almost 70 expeditions to remote areas.

So far, we haven?t had an unsuccessful expedition. All our expeditions to the Carstensz Pyramid have reached the summit!

Petr Jahoda, our Papua & Carstensz Pyramid guide authored the following books from the „Wildest places in the World“ series.

Petr Jahoda's book „Naked and wild“
Petr Jahoda's book „Cannibals from the mountains“
Petr Jahoda's book „To the bottom of Africa with a mountain bike “
Petr Jahoda's photographic book „Living people of primeval age“
Petr Jahoda's book „Big Africa's adventure“

Petr Jahoda, Papua & Carstensz Pyramid guide, authored four travelogues/et­hnographical publications. One of them deals only with Papua, and the other two deal with Papua, and its surrounding area. In recent years he has been spending a large part of the year in Papua. Our guide, Petr Jahoda, speaks English, French, German, Russian, Indonesian and Czech. He also guides in these languages. He has an elementar knowledge of Spanish as well. You can learn more about him at This site contains also a lot of photos, not only from Papua.

Climbing Carstensz Pyramid

Petr Jahoda, our Papua & Carstensz Pyramid guide, was entrusted to organize the climbing of the Carstensz Pyramid by a well known climber Miroslav Caban. Miroslav Caban was the first Czech to finish the Seven Summits project, and second man in history to climb the Mount Everest without artificial oxygen within the Seven Summits project as reported in this article. The first one was Reinhold Messner. Miroslav Caban climbed the Carstensz Pyramid only with the help of our guide Petr Jahoda. It was Caban's last mountain in the Seven Summits project.

Morning below Carstensz Pyramid

Petr Jahoda sitting below Carstensz Photo©Miroslav Ca­ban

Carstensz Pyramid summit

Petr Jahoda and Miroslav Caban on the top of Carstensz Pyramid Photo©

Petr Jahoda and friendly people from Dani village

Petr Jahoda returns to a Dani village Photo©Miroslav Ca­ban