The Highets mountain on New Guinea Island

West Papua named Papua province of Indonesia

Puncak Jaya – Carstensz Pyramid – Papua Indonesia (5030m)

(5030m in maps, 4884 m in climbing guidbooks) See ?

  • the highest island peak in the world
  • the highest mountain in Australia and Oceania
  • the highest mountain in New Guinea – the world's secon largest island
  • the highest peak in Indonesia – lacated in Papua province (earlier Irian Jaya)
  • one of the 7 summits – 7 highest mountains on 7 continents Carstensz is the 8th

Puncak Trikora – Papua Indonesia (4750m)

Puncak Mandala – Papua Indonesia (4700m)

Puncak Yamin – Papua Indonesia (4595m) or (4581m) (according to other origin)

Mt. Elit – Papua Indonesia (4176m)

Indonesian „West Papua“ contains many higher mountains than those that are on Papua New Guinea, but cartographical data from this part of the world are scarce and contradictory. There are even higher mountains than Gunung Elit, which I listed only because it is a part of a different mountain crest than Carstensz Pyramid, Trikora and Mandala are.

Independent State of Papua New Guinea

MT. Wilhelm – Papua New Guinea (4509m)

The highest mountain of the Independent state of Papua New Guinea and at the same time the highest mountain of the Eastern part of the New Guinea island, which is also called East Papua.

Mount Giluwe (4368m) – Papua New Guinea (PNG)

Mount Herbert (4267m) – Papua New Guinea (PNG)

The Sugarloaf (3718m) – Papua New Guinea (PNG)

Mount Michael (3647m) – Papua New Guinea (PNG)

Dome Peaks (3566m) – Papua New Guinea (PNG)

Mount Piora (3557m) – Papua New Guinea (PNG)

Mount Otto (3546m) – Papua New Guinea (PNG)