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First Chinese finish 7summits – Steve Louie Lem

October 5, 2008
Petr Jahoda
Absolut Adventure

Petr, I wanted to take this opportunity to comment on the high level of satisfaction that I experienced on my recent expedition with you climbing the Carstensz Pyramid in Papua New Guinea. I had performed quite a bit of research on who I should go with to Papua and now I can honesty say looking in retrospect, that I made the best possible choice with you and Absolut Adventures.

I had read that logistically, it was „challenging“ to travel through West Papua. Now I can honestly say that if it were not for your expertise, knowledge and experience that it would never have been possible for us to reached Carstensz. I was quite impressed by the organization that you exhibited in ensuring that the extensive paperwork was prepared ahead of time and then continuing to move the administrative process along after we arrived in Papua. It was clear to me that your previous experience in working with the government, police, tribal and village officials as well as your fluency in Indonesian and negotiation skills were invaluable in paving the way for us.

I also wanted to speak to your leadership ability, specifically in working with our aborigine porters. I wish that I could speak some Indonesian so that I could truly appreciate what you had to deal with in organizing our porters from day one and every day thereafter until the end of the expedition. Again, it was apparent whether you spoke the language or not how skillfully you were able to handle any situation that arose from our porters until we were back safely in Ilaga.

Lastly, I wanted to comment on how I appreciated the professionalism you exercised in decision making among the client/team members. Whether is was something as mundane as the time to start on the trail everyday or where we would be setting up camp or the climbing decisions on the Carstensz Pyramid itself, I felt that you provided the sound judgment that characterizes a leader. But in the end, what I think we all wanted to thank you for was your friendship. I felt that there existed an environment of mutual respect and not the traditional „leader-client“ hierarchy that has characterized other expeditions that I have been on (I should mention as a point of reference, that I have been climbing for close to 30 years).

Thank you for working on our behalf in order to provide an experience of a lifetime and the opportunity to see a part of the world that very few individuals have ever been to. Sincerely, Steve Lem Senior Healthcare Consultant Pfizer, Inc.

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